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Bill Cunningham is a nationally recognized broadcaster, veteran attorney, and a business entrepreneur.

His new daily national television program, “The Bill Cunningham Show,” has aired in cities across the U.S. since September 2011. Attend a LIVE taping in NYC.

A Look at Associate Producer JT Stevens

Associate Producer, JT Stevens, has been working at the Bill Cunningham Show since the start of Season Three. Before coming to work at the Bill Cunningham Show, Stevens wore many hats, working on other daytime talks shows, reality shows, as well as commercials.

For the past four years JT has been acquiring experience and skill sets in the field of television. As associate producer, Stevens is responsible for finding and booking guests for the show. He also develops the guest stories and establishes conflict resolution. With outrageous episodes dealing with Baby Daddy and DNA drama, JT loves helping to find resolution, but says his favorite episodes are the shows that change lives. JT said, “I love helping guests get a positive outcome and closure, it is the best feeling in the world. I enjoy keeping in touch and making a positive impact on their lives.”

It is evident that JT gets the biggest joy from his job when genuine moments of real raw emotions manifest. With responsibilities that are geared towards guest booking and development, JT has fortunately had the opportunities to help share his creativity in production. He has helped put together creative episodes that have been a bit more grandiose and out of the norm from the usual shows. One show he distinctly found amusing to work on was a singing competition episode where celebrity guests were brought in to judge the guest competitors and the set was even lavishly decorated.

When problems occur with guests, JT says it is his duty to make sure that they understand what the Bill Cunningham Show can offer them, why this will be a positive experience, and what service and help can be provided. It appears that JT is not only an associate producer but also an adviser for guests.

JT has always known that television and production was his niche; his love for television and entertainment has led him to a successful career at the Bill Cunningham Show.image

A Look at the Hair & Makeup Team

With one of the finest beauty teams in daytime talk, The Bill Cunningham Show has four amazing make up artists that fabricate a remarkable beauty squad—Ruth, Kim, Diane, and Mariola. These ladies are the masterminds behind the guest transformations. With nearly twenty-years of cosmetology under their belts, the ladies certainly showcase their craft on all those who sit in their chairs.

According to the ladies, working in the beauty department at The Bill Cunningham Show is enjoyable and easygoing. Hairstylist, Ruth, said, “Working on set is extremely fun because I know everyone here very well and the girls and I get along great!” Make-up artist Kim also stated that working with her co-workers is easy, “No one is hard to work with. Everyone is easy to get along with”.   This definitely seems to be the case! The vibe in the prep room is light and fun and the girls are all about a little back-and-forth banter. It’s great to see a dynamic team, but what’s it like when it’s time to transform the guests? The ladies graciously gave the scoop when it comes to working with some pretty outrageous show guests. Ruth, said she enjoys working with show guests but sometimes it can get a little difficult when guest requires a full transformation in limited time, we’re talking 10 minutes to alter a persons entire look! However, the ladies said that they gain the greatest gratification from their jobs after seeing the end product behind all their hard work. Make-up artist Mariola expressed that transforming a female guest into camera-ready is her favorite part of the job.

The beauty team at The Bill Cunningham Show is hardworking, talented, and absolutely wonderful. Their skills and love for make-up and hair are showcased every show day.  

The Final Touches: An Interview with the BCS Editors


            Once Bill leaves the set, the cameras stop rolling, and the lights go out, the editing department takes over and turns each episode into a masterpiece.  Josh Lipkin and J.D. are just some of the people who edit each episode and they love what they do.

            Multiple responsibilities come with editing an episode.  Each episode cannot be longer than 45 minutes and 10 seconds.  Many shows go much longer than that, sometimes lasting over an hour, so the editors have to decide which footage stays and which footage goes.  Lipkin says that the hardest part of editing an episode is to make it seem seamless.  Viewers need to be given the illusion that they are watching the action unfold live.  What helps them craft their stories are the teases before each commercial break, which lets viewers know what will happen next.  Creating the teases is one of the most creative parts of their jobs.

            Another challenge is the tight production schedule of the show.  Each editor could be working on up to five episodes at once, sometimes more.  Remembering the events of multiple episodes simultaneously can prove to be a challenge.  Every episode gets sent to Executive Producer Kim Brechka, the show’s legal department, and The CW network at various points during the editing process to ensure the highest quality.  According to the editors, it’s not possible to know how long a single episode takes to edit, but they estimate that it takes between eight and 17 hours. 

            Not only does the editing department edit the show, they also create the graphics.  J.D. is the graphics guru in the editing department and creates everything from the text on screen to 3D animations, a skill he learned specifically for the show.  Even if The CW sends the editing department graphics to use, J.D. skews them to fit the style of The Bill Cunningham Show.

            Getting to work in the editing department at The Bill Cunningham Show is not as easy as handing in your resume according to Lipkin and J.D.  Most editing jobs are acquired through networking and lots of experience.  Lipkin worked on multiple low budget projects and even did some editing jobs for free while living in Los Angeles.  He was asked by one of his contacts to join The Bill Cunningham Show when he displayed interest in moving back to the east coast.  J.D had a similar experience.  The best advice they could give to an aspiring editor is to make lots of contacts.  This can be done by finding fellow editors on Facebook and Twitter and asking them questions.  Jobs could even come out of tweeting to an editor.  They also said that there is no better experience than picking up a camera or smartphone and getting practice in yourself.  The final thing they recommend to be an awesome editor is to have a great personality.  Lipkin put it best by saying, “If you’re going to have to sit with people for 12 hours per day, you’re going to want to like them.”

            The way an episode is edited can make or break the quality of a single show.  The editors are the ones who ultimately decide how an episode flows and how each piece of a person’s story fits together.  When a viewer feels as though they did not miss a moment of the action, it means that the editors can walk away with their heads held high, as another enjoyable episode has aired.


A Look At Bill’s Hair & Makeup Artist


Today, Kim Lembryk put down her makeup brushes and hair dryer just long enough to give us an inside look at what it’s like to be Bill Cunningham’s personal hair and makeup artist! Being Bill’s beauty guru is an extremely exciting position, and allows Kim to express her talent in a fun and energetic environment.

Makeup is not something new to Kim, as she has been involved in the industry for over TWENTY years! As a young girl, she grew up in a “theatre family” which allowed her to be exposed to the world of makeup at a very young age. As her skills expanded, she eventually became a professional makeup artist for a variety of special events. As her talent in the field progressed even further, she entered the television industry fourteen years ago and started out as Montel William’s personal makeup artist.

In recent years, Kim has been with Bill since the very beginning, and is excited to be entering the show’s third season with the rest of the staff. When asked what she enjoys most about her job she stated, “I love the excitement of working in daytime TV and the unpredictability of each day”. She truly adores every minute of it and appreciates working with an individual as fun and easy going as Bill.

The favorite part of her day is when Bill sits down in the makeup chair and she gets to work her magic! Not only does Kim get to use her amazing beauty skills, but she also gets to bond with Bill on a personal level. His eccentric sense of humor, great personality, and exquisite knowledge of current events makes every second spent with him fun and memorable.

Finally, we asked Kim to describe Bill’s signature look using four adjectives. She expressed his style as, “Classic, distinguished, clean and fresh”.  

Thanks Kim for working so hard in the makeup room, and for your dedication to The Bill Cunningham Show!


A Look at Our Promo Producer Annemarie

Enthusiastic in one word describes Annemarie Bain our newest staff member and promo producer here at the Bill Cunningham Show.  As the Promo Producer, Annemarie is responsible for creating the promos that make our show inviting. Annemarie truly enjoys the production process that comes along with making the promos. She has previously worked at a plethora of other talk shows in New York City, but says the Bill Cunningham show has been her best experience yet! She produces the short form spots promoting the show, as well as the first 25 seconds of the show.  These exciting clips display the highlights of that day’s episode and entice the audience to continue watching. Annemarie prides herself on her ability to see the magic in a story and in turn creates a summarized version of the story that best conveys that magic.

 Annemarie says the best part of her job is the outgoing and entertaining coworkers who make the day both enjoyable and fun. She is especially fond of her office mate Anthony. Together they perform daily renditions of various R&B songs in their shared office.  She says that the atmosphere at the Bill Cunningham Show is so great because all the people who work here manage to integrate fun into every day work.

Annemarie absolutely loves her job as Promo Producer at the Bill Cunningham Show. She says that before she even knows it, it’s time to go home!

Travel Tips From Our Travel Department


Today, at the Bill Cunningham Show, we interviewed our travel department for some important tips for traveling this summer! Travel coordinators, Zack, Harry, and Mike talked about their own vacations and gave travelers some advice.


Zack: Aruba, because it is tropical.

Harry: Australia, because it looks like an exciting/adventurous place to go!

Mike: Australia, because I’ve never been there.


Zack: I had a 26-hour layover to England, and then almost got deported for not     

knowing where I was staying!

Harry: Trip to Cape May was ruined because it was raining the whole time.

Mike: Myrtle Beach, because of the bad weather and bad hotel.


Zack: Celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Ireland.

Harry: A cruise to the Bahamas.

Mike: Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest.


Zack: Sunscreen.

Harry: Phone charger.

Mike: Socks.


Zack: Don’t lose your stuff!

Harry: ALWAYS have your ID and money on you!

Mike: Be organized, and always have your passport/ID.


Zack: Travel websites online. They’re simple and make choosing where to stay very easy.

Harry: Rely on your friends.

Mike: I don’t plan any of my vacations…


Zack: Don’t go crazy with spending while on vacation!

Harry: Plan far in advance to get a cheaper flight.

Mike: Go backpacking and stay in hostels.


Zack and Harry both agree: An ID and toiletries.

Mike: ID and walking shoes.



Harry and Zack both agree: Weapons and drugs.

Mike: An attitude!

            So what have we learned today… If you’re coming to see Bill one thing you CANNOT forget to bring is your great story! When traveling always remember to be prepared, keep track of your important items, and most importantly have a great time!

“Did I Mention I’m Ready?” A Look at the Bill Cunningham Show Stage Manager Keith McLaughlin


Stage managers are found in many different types of performances. From theatre to film to television each production utilizes a stage manager to the utmost degree. What is a stage manager you ask? According to Keith McLaughlin, the stage manager is the director’s right hand man. Keith is the stage manager here at the Bill Cunningham Show and he loves what he does! Keith’s voice can be heard bellowing through the halls of the green rooms and on set. Keith says, “Whatever the director wants to execute, I execute for him. I keep the producers happy and the guests happy. I orchestrate everything so it all comes together in one shot.” Keith is always ready to go!

            During show days Keith can be found with guests, producers, and staff alike. Keith’s first task of the day is to check in with the producing teams to make sure all the guests are here. He then keeps an eye on the PA and helps them get their guests into hair and make up. He also pays attention to pre tapes and makes sure they are done. Once all of that is finished and Keith verifies that our guest have had enough briefing time, he makes sure that all guests are mic’d and ready to go on stage.  

            Once the show has started Keith follows the run down and the direction of our director. “John (director) tells me who will go out during which segment. When the show is over I remove all of the guests and the expert off of the stage and start preparing for the next show.”

            Keith has always wanted to be involved in the entertainment industry. He has experience at Joan Rivers, Montel Williams, Maury, Trisha Goddard, VH1 Morning Buzz, and many live events.  He lets us know just like most people in the field, he started as an intern. “After paying my dues as an intern and working my way to meeting people, I held various jobs from audience to audio.” Keith laughs and says, “At one point someone told me that my voice can be heard bellowing through the hallways and studio and that I should become a stage manager.” Keith has been a stage manager for roughly 25 years now and hasn’t looked back!

            Stage managers have to be an all around team player. A good stage manager is really all about timing and having your guests in the right place at the right time. A stage manager must accommodate multiple groups of people including the producing team, the technical team and anyone who is in your environment. Keith says, “I’m not there to rock the boat. I’m there to make sure things run smoothly. I stay on top of everyone and make the staff happy so we can all feel good about what we’re accomplishing as a group.”

            If you are ever thinking about becoming a stage manager, Keith can give you some valuable advice. Keith says, “Start with an internship. This will help you connect with people. Always be vocal about what you want to accomplish. Let everyone around you know what direction you want to head in. Don’t keep your dreams to yourself. If you decide you want to be a stage manager, find a stage manager that you can possibly shadow for a day to see what it’s like.”

            Keith attributes his love for Bill to the staff and crew. Keith says, “The longer the show is around the more we start to become a tighter family unit. When you work in an environment that you feel like is your home away from home it doesn’t matter what day it is or what you’re doing, it just becomes enjoyable because you’re around them.”

“In 5,4,3,2,1” - A look at our Associate Director/Post Producer Annalisa DeMeo

                Annalisa Demeo gets to wear two hats here at the Bill Cunningham Show. As associate director and post producer and her work is determined by the production schedule. On show days Annalisa goes into “AD mode.” She becomes responsible for all pre-production elements. She works with the editors to help build graphics, cut tape packages and pick music for segments. She works directly with our director, John Parry and our booth PA, Lisa Hollander to put together seating charts for the guests. She also gets to work hand in hand with our crew to go over what is happening on each show. When Annalisa meets with the crew she goes over each segment and production element (pre or post-tape elements, show order, walk outs and blocking, props, music, voiceovers, etc).

During the show Annalisa is responsible for keeping the show to time, making sure all production elements get into the show and take notes on any edits that need to be made. Annalisa jokes and says, “My role is part town crier and part control room manager, but what I tell my mom is that I count backwards from :10.” When we are not shooting, Annalisa goes into post producer mode. With the notes that she took during the tape days, Annalisa then goes and edits our shows for time and content. She gets to add the bells and whistles to a show (chyrons, teases, bumps, credit beds, etc).

Annalisa works directly under the director, John Parry which makes her quite happy. “John Parry is one of the most fun people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. His approach to television is simple: have fun! That approach is completely infectious. While I have directed smaller projects in the past, I hope to one day be able to bring that kind of effortless confidence and fun to directing a project I can call my own.” Not only does Annalisa get to develop a close rapport with our director, but she gets to work with our crew. Annalisa tells us how much she values our crew. “The camaraderie and respect you get when you are lucky enough to work with a crew like ours is enough to make the experience something truly spectacular.” Annalisa truly appreciates the lightheartedness and fun that the crew brings to our show.

Annalisa has had a great amount of experience in the television industry. She started her career in news television at Good Morning America fresh out of college and jokes, “I didn’t sleep for 4 solid years.” She tells us that news was a great place to start because it taught her valuable skills of urgency and accuracy. She has also worked at The Montel Williams Show where she started her AD career. Now Annalisa is here at the Bill Cunningham Show and couldn’t be happier.

“I seriously get to have my cake and eat it too. I have the best job because I get to do not just one but the TWO things I love most. I work “in the trenches” with our crew during production AND I get to work with an incredibly talented group of editors in post-production.” Annalisa is thankful that at the Bill Cunningham Show she gets to have the best of both worlds.

One fun fact people may not know about Annalisa is that she is an identical twin. Annalisa has an identical twin sister, though she doesn’t think that they look that much alike. “I keep saying how I’m going to bring my sister to work to do my job. I want to see how many people we can fool, but she keeps chickening out. Something about the counting backwards part that she thinks she’ll mess up.”

We all love Annalisa here at the Bill Cunningham Show and value all of her hard work and devotion to the staff, crew and show itself. Thanks, Annalisa!

Girls Just Want To Have Fun - A Look At Our Audience Coordinator Kerry Schwartz

Keeping the energy of our audience up is not something that our audience coordinator Kerry Schwartz struggles with. Kerry can be found on non-show days booking our audience. Kerry likes to book schools and organizations to come to our show. “It’s almost like a field trip for them,” Kerry says. Our show is very new so Kerry lets us know that booking large groups helps bring in audience. She notes that they are always very excited to come to our show. On show days Kerry and the team bring in the audience, seat them accordingly and even host dance contests to keep the audience entertained.

            Kerry is extremely enthusiastic about interacting with our audience members and even calls them her second family. Kerry says, “We do a lot of audience interaction on and off set. The audience is a key part of the show. If they’re happy and energized, it will make for a better experience.” Many of our audience members are regulars and that’s how Kerry and the team know that people are having fun. If you come to a taping of our show you can expect lots of dancing, laughing and entertainment. These factors come to fruition through the audience department’s hard work and dedication.

            Having an energetic and friendly personality are important factors when recruiting audience members for the show. “Approaching people, forming a friendship, and making sure they have the best time of their lives so they want to come back is really important.” Many of our audience members know Kerry by name and even created a giant birthday card for her on her birthday!

            Though Kerry loves being a part of our audience department, her dream job would be to host her own talk show. She says she would love to produce her own reality show or have her own talk show. “I would love to be the next Bill Cunningham,” Kerry blurts out.

Kerry started her career interning for MTV and was the only intern that got hired after the internship. Kerry started casting when Jersey Shore was around. Kerry then went on to be casted on a VH1 dating show where she actually won! She did many appearances and even got to go to the Playboy mansion! “This is when I decided that I really wanted to be in front of the camera,” Kerry says.

            Working with an amazing staff is something that Kerry values. When she comes to work she feels like she is with her second family. Kerry tells us that the staff here is an incredible team to work with. “I love being able to see my staff everyday and my audience on show days. I’ve never had a job that I loved more!”

            To see more of Kerry and the audience department, check out their YouTube videos:

Intern turned PA - Q & A with Jackii de la Rosa

Jackii de la Rosa is an all around team player. One can find Jackii doing intake forms, booking guests and making sure all guests have a great experience. This “Jackii of all trades,” works hard to make sure the show comes together perfectly.

Jackii performs background checks to make sure our guests are safe to come on the show. She also makes sure the guests are superb, and that when they get here they will have a positive and life-changing experience. Jackii and her team, hopes to help their guests resolve their problems.  Jackii considers herself the right hand person to her guests and to her team (Associate Producer and Producer). She tries to help book stories for the show, works with travel to book flights and even cold calls people to see if they want to be on the show.

Jackii was asked to let us know a bit about what makes an amazing guest. “An awesome guest is energetic and passionate and they want to get their problems resolved.” She speaks a bit about her connections to her guests. “You get really attached to their stories, especially when you’re here to help them. I remember this one couple that I met and we instantly became best friends. They were really fun to work with. They helped me and I helped them.”

I threw Jackii a curve ball and asked her to rap a verse about the Bill Cunningham Show for me. This is what she came up with:

Don’t judge me

I’m here for you!

Cus’ were gunna make it through

Bill is true!

Jackii explains that although she does not rap in her spare time she does like to listen to music and spend time with family and friends. She is very spontaneous and likes to party!

Jackii loves the production side of television, but has hopes to become a host one day. “I hope that one day I can help others like Bill does and be in front of the camera. I’d love to help and share my thoughts with others.” Jackii would definitely be a great host with her radiating personality! Jackii looks up to Bill and the rest of the BCS team!  Jackii tells us that she works with the best staff in television. She says, “The work environment is a great one and we all get along. I definitely am comfortable every day to come here. On good and bad days we still help each other no matter what.”

Jackii is one of three PA’s that were interns here first. Jackii attributes her success as a PA to her time as an intern. “It was an awesome experience going from intern to PA. I feel grateful that I got to graduate with a job. It has given me a better work ethic and a drive for success. No matter where my journey takes me I will always remember everything I learned here and will continue to learn in the future.”